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5 hour pay minimum for Posted Security Officers. Free Service Call Response for accounts with 4 or more patrol stops per night (restrictions apply). Otherwise there is a $10-$20 fee per service call between the hours of 6pm-6am, and a $25 fee for service call Response between the hours of 6am-6pm (prices may vary). Free Random Surveillance Monitoring for clients with a Mobile Patrol account (3 or more patrol stops per night). No charge to client for Motorist Assistance for properties with a Mobile Patrol account (minimum 1 patrol stop per night). ​Other restrictions may apply, please see Service Agreement for details or contact Client Relationship Representative Joseph Kimbell Joseph@ZaneInvestigations.Com . Lockups/Unlocks are conducted within a 60 minute time frame before/after requested time by management. Please note if you prefer lockups to be conducted before a specified time or after a specified time. For Parking Enforcement Services Please provide residents of the property with a 15 day notice before parking management services begin. Signs must be posted 24 hours in advance before parking services can begin and must be posted at property access points and/or 25’ apart throughout the property and needs to be posted no higher than 6’ and no lower than 4”. Signs must be visible to passing vehicles. In the City of Sparks signs must be 4’x4’. For tow services, property must have a contract with an authorized tow service and add NVSS to the tow contract as an authorized representative of the property. As this is a complimentary service, specific dates and times for parking enforcement are not guaranteed. Parking enforcement services are conducted at random and may or may not be available at residents or management’s request depending on weather/road conditions, call volume and availability. 

Thanks for submitting! You can also email us at Joseph@ZaneInvestigations.Com or call/text us at 775-386-7010

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